Laminate Tables for Sale

MOQ: 30 pcs

Place of Original: China

Transportation: Ocean Shipping

Production Time: 7-15 days / 1000pcs

Brand: Sanlang Furniture

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  • Factory direct sale,Save 30% by kicking off your middlemen.
  • Each chair is tested by our best machine before leaving factory
  • 15 years experiences on manufacturing chairs and tables.


Laminate tables are widely used in restaurants, training and canteens. Since this kind of table is most cost-effective with appealing look, it is extremely popular in fast food restaurant as well.

The laminate tables produced by Sanlang furniture is durable, water proof and heat proof with high pressure laminate materials. This kind of materials is much better than particle board and MDF materials, they are cheaper but lower in quality. They are also not able to prevent water and high temperature.  The thickness of the table top are normally 25mm, you can also make it 18mm or 45 mm. But the 25 mm is enough from our experience. You can even make it 18 mm and it is still durable with our top class high pressure laminate materials.

Alone wit the tables, we also have chairs with the same laminate materials. The chairs are also good look and fits the tables very well. It is comfortable and space saving. Each chair can also be stacked up high to save space. Very convenient for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Simple in structure yet rich in style
  • Water and heat proof table top
  • Easy to clean with additional clear finish
  • Durable stainless steel leg for higher durability
  • Comfortable chairs with acceptable price
  • The color and size could be customized according to your need



Dining Tables

Materials High Pressure Laminate
Table Top Size 600*600 cm (or customized)
Standard Height 75 cm (or customized)
Table Thickness 18cm / 25cm /40cm
Package Way K/D(knocked Down)


Dining Chairs

Materials Plywood & Metal
Chair Heigh 34 Inches (86cm)
Chair Width 19 Inches (48cm)
Net Weight 4 kg/PC
Package Way K/D(knocked Down)

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